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Elia Borg Bonaci Ltd. is still very much a family business today. There is always one of the family members at functions catered by Elia Caterers. Our many years of experience make us a traditional caterer very much embroiled in Maltese culinary history and of this we are proud. Although we are constantly upgrading and modernising, we see great value in promoting traditional Maltese customs and strive to continue producing traditional seasonal creations such as Qaghaq tal-Qastanija, Sinizza and Xkunvat amongst many others.

Besides our commitment to continue producing these well known traditional Maltese creations, we continuously strive to upgrade our infrastructure by investing in modern catering equipment. We guarantee end product quality by choosing the freshest local ingredients which we then process using contemporary processes which we regularly update from time to time. Although we pride ourselves that our human resources include numerous family members, we also employ seasoned professionals to help make Elia Caterers what it is today. We also understand the need to use modern tools to reach our audience and to this end we employ a professional marketing team.

A visit to our flagship venue "Giardini Lambrosa" is evidence in itself of how far Elia Caterers embrace change and the contemporary. Besides the clean modern interior and exterior design of this recently launched venue, it is also equipped with a modern kitchen that includes state of the art catering equipment.

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