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Our mission at Elia Caterers is to consistently satisfy our customers’ needs through high quality products and coupled with an excellent service.

We purchase the freshest ingredients to use in the manufacturing of our products. We pay special attention to how foods are stored and handled to ensure that the finished product reaches our customers safe and fresh. Our kitchens are equipped with the latest food manufacturing and storage systems and we are constantly investing into the improvement and upgrading of our facilities. Our policy is to ensure and guarantee customer consumer satisfaction, consistently and systematically, through effective management of these facilities.

In our quest to achieve customer and consumer satisfaction, the aspirations of our shareholders and social welfare of our community, we shall also ensure that we comply with Government laws and Local regulations, thus enabling, at the same time, our employees to operate in a safe and healthy environment.

This Quality Policy provides a framework for establishing quality objectives for the company, which will be reviewed periodically for continued suitability, and to improve the effectiveness of system.

This Policy supports the Food Safety Policy of the company and shall be communicated to all employees, using various means available, such as meetings, quarterly feedbacks, memos and training.


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