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Planning your big day is an exciting process - there’s so much to think about and you can’t help but get butterflies in your stomach with every event menu, magical dress or awesome band that you come across. But one of the most exciting aspects of planning your wedding has to be the location! If you’re looking for a relaxed vibe set in a gorgeously natural environment, an outdoor wedding might be right up your alley! 

Outdoor weddings are packed with fun and hold that element of surprise for both the happy couple and the guests invited. So getting a helping hand from the pros might be your best option to make sure everything runs smoothly. Elia Caterers, experts in food catering angled towards brides and grooms looking to add some finesse to their wedding, can provide that element of attainable luxury to your special outdoor wedding

It goes without saying that Malta’s beaches are some of the most idyllic spots to add flavour to one of life’s greatest moments; imagine pairing a wonderful beach sunset with the delicate flavours of Elia Caterers. Get that beachy barbecue feeling with some grilled halloumi, bell peppers and hummus blinis or amp up the flavour with the New Zealand mussels au gratin - talk about serving up that fancy factor!


Beach Wedding Tips

Keep things cool

You’re on the beach, things are already pretty relaxed so your food options could focus on a fresh pasta station to avoid heating things up while you’re enjoying the sunshine.

Be one with the sea

Turn up the seafood volume - your guests are feeling the aquatic vibe with the waves crashing against the shores so why not add a few shellfish appetizers to your menu.

Water is your friend

Granted your guests are going to want to drink the bar down but don’t forget the essentials! Water will quench your guests’ thirst and keep the hangover at bay too! Fruity water creations may be the winner at this beach side wedding!

Beaches aren’t the only outdoor location you can host your wedding reception at, there’s quite a few natural settings that will give your guests a great night to remember! We have so much culture on our tiny rock that having a small wedding with your favorite local tower in the background may not be an entirely impossible dream! Making dreams come true is what we’re all about!

Heritage Wedding Tips

Respect your surroundings

Be aware of what’s around you - keep your beautiful wedding destination beautiful and opt for plastic free dishes that won’t create unnecessary litter. Most of Elia Caterers’ cold canapes are a great option. We strive to reduce unnecessary plastic container!

Hit that Maltese vibe hard

You’re in the heart of Malta’s culture so be sure to add some local flair to your menu - you can never go wrong with deep fried Maltese cheeselets served with a tomato chutney or some fresh imqaret to spark the senses.

Add that homely feel

You’re living it up in your own backyard so keep it in the family with some baked goods such as the pork, apple and prune rolls or the equally satisfying panzerotti filled with cottage cheese and gammon.

Do you know of a beautiful secluded green area that simply fills your heart with joy? Well, if planned out well this could be your unique wedding destination. Just picture yourself chatting with your guests surrounded by blooming flowers, sprouts of grass beneath your dapper brogues specifically picked for your afternoon wedding. Let’s add to that memory... there’s a tall glass of champagne in one hand and a poached fig in port topped with a blue cheese crumble in the other... what more could you ask for?

Garden Wedding Tips

Go Green

You’re in nature, amidst the tree huggers and environment lovers so why not go for the veggie options on your big day? Convert your taste buds with the vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls or the Applewood smoked cheddar cheese croustades.

Think of the kids

A garden wedding is sure to accommodate the little ones so make sure the food options available are kid friendly. Spice up their palettes with the pepperoni pizza ! Cute, tasty and dedicated solely to our little ones!

Make it live

Why not add a live cooking pasta station to your wedding reception? With your choice of pasta and sauce cooked al dente on order, the hungriest of guest will surely be satisfied with the results.

Your first day as a married couple needs to start on a sweet note; so whether it’s a bohemian beach wedding, a high-culture heritage spot or an earthy garden wedding you need to leave some room for the expertly prepared desserts crafted in-house for your taste buds’ satisfaction. The choices are endless; cannoli siciliani, mocha and dark chocolate spheres and our renowned Nociolette are but a few of the mouthwatering options available.

There you have it a spectacular outdoor wedding without cutting corners - a memory to treasure in your favorite local spot!

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